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Hi, I’m Leonard, and welcome to my space! As you can see, I like to keep busy and make the most of the world’s many blessings and offerings. At various times I am a musician, a digital marketer, an entrepreneur, a rock climber and a dedicated churchgoer. Its a lot to handle, I know, but coping with a packed schedule is part of the fun!

 A friend of mine described me best in my opinion when she said I’m “playful, but on a mission”. It’s true. I’m serious about challenging myself and those around me to be the best we can be, but I think its useless unless we’re enjoying ourselves along the way. Its a bit of a stereotype, but the journey really does matter more than the destination, and if its a challenging journey it should be an enjoyable one too.

 The journey is also about the people we meet, and I know that awesome things can happen when two people simply take a chance and start a conversation with one another. So please, if you have anything to share about something I’ve spoken about here, just go ahead. I’ll be so happy to hear from you!

In the meantime, here’s a quick bio on me and what I enjoy doing:


Leonard Chua Rocking Esplanade Singapore

Performing at ‘Rocking The Region 2017’ held at Esplanade Singapore

Rocking Out

 Nothing feels better than standing in front of a crowd of sweaty concertgoers, rocking out and sharing in a moment of pure joy that goes beyond language, and thanks to An Honest Mistake I’ve been able to do this in so many awesome places.

 We’re a Pop Punk band, but without all the bad attitude of the ‘Punk’ you know. Just good old fashioned fun with three friends whom I met accidentally while trawling local music forums and attending gigs. Now we’re signed by Universal Music Malaysia and touring Southeast Asia regularly. It’s amazing what the universe throws at you!


Climber climbing at Long Dong Taiwan

Sending a grade 6A route on the ‘School Gate’ wall at ‘Long Dong’ Taiwan.

…Climbing Rocks

 A newer passion of mine, but perhaps the fire burning brightest at the moment.

 I discovered rock climbing at the end of 2015 and since then I’ve been going wall crazy! I travelled to California to try Joshua Tree, visited the fabled “Long Dong”, or Dragon’s Cave, in Taiwan, and next on my list is a trip to Krabi to give sea cliff climbing a go. If you’re a climber with an cool itinerary to share or on the lookout for a partner, just drop me a line!


Leonard Chua Sharing at TEDx

Speaking at one of the TEDx event held in Penang, Malaysia

And My Bread And Butter

 I consider myself lucky to be able to make a living doing something which I really enjoy. Digital marketing stimulates me because it gives me insight into people’s motivations, the things they like and how they make decisions. Plus, I kinda sneaky like a few charts and graphs here and there too!

 My digital marketing work runs through own consulting firm which has helped a wide range of Malaysian companies run online campaigns big and small covering social media management, social ad buys, Google ad buys and general digital management. Currently, I’m partnering with an established corporation to develop the first e-commerce platform for pharmaceuticals in Southeast Asia (more on that to come).

 Digital is a field that grows so fast and I’m always game for new perspectives and ideas to mix things up. Buzz me if you have something to share or know of a good conference to attend!

 Enjoy my site, and I look forward to chatting with you!

Leonard Chua at Stanford University