My Experience With K Line’s Clear Aligners (12-Months In)

If you’re here reading this post, most likely you’ve an interest for Clear Aligners treatment. You’ll probably be wondering about treatment quality, the price, the duration and my experience. Before I get into it, I hope to give you some context first.

Clear Aligners From K Line

When I was growing up, I was aware that my teeth does have some common orthodontic problems such as:

  • Upper Front Teeth Protrusion
  • Mild Overbite
  • Crowding on the bottom teeth

Leonard’s Teeth Condition Prior To K Line Clear Aligners Treatment

Top View of Leonard’s Bottom Teeth

Never really felt the need or urgency for orthodontics treatment because of the various stories I heard about metal braces. I just cannot imagine having metal strips tied tightly across my teeth for 2-3 years. NO WAY! Fast forward to middle of 2016 where my friend Dr. Cheng shared some really good information about orthodontics treatment and introduce me to “K Line” clear aligners,  an apparent better, underrated alternative to the famous “invisalign”. If you’re a lay-person like me, most likely you won’t be able to really know the difference between the various brand in the market out there except through what was Marketed to us or the brand which are the loudest – in this case, “invisalign”. I chose K Line because of its price and the technology behind these aligners. More science put into the Aligners and focuses a lot on R&D bringing the next gen of Aligners – heard its now doing 4D printing for its Aligners.

We all want a beautiful sets of teeth especially a stunning smile. While orthodontics certainly plays a key role in achieving a perfect smile, braces can also be beneficial to your overall health and wellness! But having carry out my day to day job, which requires flexibility and aesthetics, Clear Aligners was my choice!

I personally suffer from some of these issues:
Sinus problems – If you suffer from mouth breathing or other difficulties breathing, the shape of your mouth and jaw may be to blame. The structure of your mouth and jaw can cause your sinuses to be narrow and compressed. By making adjustments to your palate and jaw, the sinuses widen which can allow for a more efficient airflow.

Sleep disruptions – If you suffer from sleep apnea, are a chronic snorer or just suffer from poor sleep in general, it might be due to a lack of oxygen caused by a misaligned jaw. Your jaw posture can have a big impact on your breathing, and corrective alignment treatments can lead to improved oxygen flow, and as a result, give you a better night’s sleep.

Oral hygiene – Sometimes oral hygiene can be harder because of common problems like crooked teeth or overcrowding. By correcting these issues with orthodontic treatment, taking care of your teeth can be a lot easier. As a result, your oral hygiene will improve. This reduces the risk of gum disease and ensures your teeth are more likely to last throughout your lifetime.

Now, let’s get into the topic about my orthodontic treatment with K Line’s Clear Aligners aka K Clear. Before it all begins, I am required to first get an (i) X-Ray of mouth, (ii) Have the impression of my teeth taken,(iii) and some photos of my teeth taken.



These assessment and record will then be sent to K Line in Germany for evaluation and treatment plan recommendations. After  2 weeks, they will generate a 3D video showing the outcome of your teeth over time. You’ll also find out how long the treatment will tentatively take. Once you’re agreeable to it, the first phase of aligners will then be fabricated and will be ready for collection around a week or 2.

The first phase of clear aligners arrived for me , I’ll have to wear 1 set for a week 1 and change the 2nd set for week 2. And apparently its meant to condition the teeth/gums. (But as I mention they do lots of R&D, apparently they’ve change the thickness of the initial 2 set of Aligners and made it uniform to 2weeks/Aligner!)
The rest of the sets from week 3 onwards, you’re required to wear for 2 weeks-ish (at times, nearing the end of my K Clear’s 2nd week and If its still not loose, I’m advised to wear for another week) because you and me our bone moves at different speeds, unless you’re Logan from Wolverine!!


My first 1 week was a struggle as my tongue is trying to get used to a foreign object inside my mouth, so surely affected my speech a little especially for words that have the letter “S” or “R”. My gums felt the stress that was upon it and the numbness annoys me(precautionary instructions of eating tub 🛀 of ice cream 🍦 given by the doctor!).
Thankfully, by the 2nd week It was ALL GOOD! I no longer get affected by it much. It is recommended that I wear them at least 20 Hours a-day. For me, I will only wear 20 hours a day when it comes to the first 3-4 days of putting on a new set.. ( TIPS: wear as long hours as you can, otherwise it’ll delay the treatment process!)

By the end of the 6th Months, I begin to see my teeth shifting notably. My front teeth getting less protruding. The overcrowding ones have also shifted and getting less overcrowded. It was certainly encouraging to me. Whenever I can, I’ll try to wear it because when I remove them, my lips tend to rub itself against the “buttons” (they’re like anchors for the clear aligners to lock themselves on and move the teeth in precision) and it causes Ulcers on my lips. The aligners itself are pretty comfortable except when you replace a new set after every 2-3 weeks. It gets real tight! – which makes perfect sense. Ohh! And My entire treatment I do not need any extraction of my teeth!! How do they have space to move the teeth u asked? Well, my dentist told me they perform a procedure called IPR ( Inter-Proximal Reduction) where it’ll take a 0.5mm in between a few selected teeth and all combined will have enough space to move my teeth as planned!

Currently I am on my 3rd phase now since April 2018, I am very pleased with the outcome so far and the progress update provided by Dr. Cheng. One thing for sure is, my smiles as captured in photos have certainly improved. I am just so stoked for the final outcome at the end of this treatment. They say Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.
Or Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.